eID Smart Card – Education

With the significant increase in applying the Internet applications to the educational sector, a number of new challenges consequently have come across.

This poses a threat to personal information when accessing online libraries for both students and academic staff. Additionally, there are a vast number of issues ranging from students’ management, campus services to payments needed to handle, such as: checking students’s admission, tuition paymnets, exam reports, documentation research…


eID is also called smart card with an electronic chip integrated for processing information. With the high level of security, NFC technology support and stability, users can easily manipulate to function it. eID is based on an integrated database where data redundancy is kept to a minimum and data integrity to a maximum. This is a fully-integrated suite of applications that delivers administrative, academic and self-service support for education with a high level of security.

  • Improve services provided for students and academic staff in terms of their daily transactions
  • A centralized database and application system with instant access to critical and accurate data
  • Automate the administrative procedures for students, academic and administrative staff
  • Simplify configuration of personalized parameters
  • Empower studenst and academic members with the management of their personal data, admissions information, online course registration, e-learning applications and other acess control at anytime and anywhere.