Trusted Archive 1.0

Thách thức

Increasingly, business processes are being carried out electronically, and thus the volume of electronic documents to be processed is growing. For most companies there arises not only the necessity of efficiently processing these documents, but also the question of how to archive them and ensure their legal validity. E-documents must guarantee that they have the same probative value as their paper counterparts.

Giải pháp

Trusted Archive 1.0 offers a solution for electronic documents long term archiving that ensures readability and trustworthiness based on the application of modern standards using electronic signatures/seals and timestamp security features. The archiving process is based on general principles for working with documents and legislative requirements. Documents are automatically maintaining long-term validity.

The solution offers easy and fast setup of archival and destruction rules covering needs, that arise when an organization uses electronic documents. The system provides support for the standardization of work with documents for long-term use as legally relevant evidence and thus enhances legal certainty in all key business processes.

Trusted Archive 1.0 represents a specific type of application, that offers support for the entire archival process and includes the following features:
  • Documents manual loading
  • Automated loading of documents from a source information systems using web services
  • Security elements (electronic signatures and time-stamps) based on qualified certificates validation
  • Archiving documents in long term archival packages, including timestamping
  • Cost savings due to possibility of grouping random documents into archival packages
  • Ensures periodic validity extension by means of automatic re-stamping Configurable archival and destruction rules for different document types 
  • Obtaining and storing all relevant validity evidence of the stored documents Automated documents destruction ac- cording to configurable rules 
  • Searching and displaying of documents