Campus Portal

Web application providing self service information and services to students and academic staff through a unified portal application. Students are provided with easy, fast and secure access to personal data such as academic transcripts, grades, teaching and examination timetables, etc while at the same time allowing online application for various transcripts.

Correspondingly academic staff has access to their personal and historical data as well as various statistical data, absentees lists, examination and teaching schedules etc. Also, they have the ability to upload grades, announcements and messages related to teaching courses from their own computer.

SAVIS eUniversity CampusPortal allows also university staff to have controlled access to database data such as course information, teaching and examination timetables, student data, course-related and staff data, etc. The statistical data section gives the user access to a range of statistics, which can be viewed as a pivot table and as 3D or 2D charts.