Air Conditioner Power Controller

During operation, a portion of the energy supplied to the IT equipment will be converted into heat. This amount of heat must be removed to prevent the risk. Traditional cooling methods are only effective when the power supply to the cooling system accounts for a small portion of the total power consumption. With today’s high density IT equipment, the power capacity in a Data Center can be up to 20 kW per rack or more. From simulation data and experience from some manufacturers, traditional cooling does not meet the demand for high density operations.


SAVIS’s Alternate Air Conditioner Controller is designed to control multiple Air Conditioners, at places where two or more air conditioners are instelled at one place like computer room, Mobile/Telecom Shelter (BTS), ATMs, Laboratory, offices etc.

  • Turns on one Air Conditioner at a time, for given period of time, providing rest to the other AC.
  • Models are available to control maximum 20 air conditioners (10 pairs) in different modes and easy to install.


  • Controls 2 ACs in cyclic mode, to save electricity
  • Increases Life of Air Conditioner by providing necessary rest