Data security


    Data Security Services incorporates a risk-balanced strategy along with leading data protection technology to more cost effectively help safeguard your organization’s critical data. We help optimize your level of control by providing both consulting services to establish your data protection strategy and implementation and integration services using market-leading loss prevention and encryption technologies.
    Our streamlined approach helps optimize your investments in leading security technology by using your existing infrastructure to support collaboration across your entire enterprise. We help you develop a data protection strategy that aligns with your risk management objectives and provides insight into where sensitive data resides in your organization and how it is used. With our services, you can more reliably reduce the risk of data loss and better manage regulatory compliance.

    What we offer

    Data Loss Protection
    Helps protect sensitive data and enforce corporate security policies on endpoint devices using industry-leading encryption and data loss prevention software as well as rapid implementation, product support and reliable managed security services.

    Data Security Strategy and Assessment
    Provides insight about where sensitive data resides within your business and helps you develop a risk-balanced strategy designed to protect your data and improve compliance management.

    Enterprise Content Protection
    Uses a comprehensive approach to data loss prevention to help prevent leakage of sensitive data outside the enterprise and unauthorized movement of sensitive data within the enterprise.

    Messaging Security
    Helps protect your corporate email systems by preventing unwanted content from infiltrating your network.