Project “ Building and moving servers for ITDB-Sate Bank of Vietnam”

    Along with the development of applying IT into the business application and administration of State Bank of Vietnam, equipments are invested more and more about quantity, type, technology, capacity and environmental requirements to maintain continuous operation of the business application and management.
    Like the other units, when firstly applying IT into opereations, State Bank of Vietnam did not take much attention about building and planning physical infrastructure for IT systems . However, when all activities are based on IT, it is urgently to have the physical infrastructure that is managed, monitored and stabilized ready to serve for the continuous operation of IT equipments.
    In needs to move, focus on installed IT equipments, manage a physical environmental conditions are managed, follow the international standards for data center TIA- 942, ITDB-State Bank of Vietnam has selected Savis Vietnam Corporation for designing, deploying and building infrastructure central data centre and move all IT installed IT equipment to manage, operate safely and troubleshoot problem soon.
    SAVIS main tasks
    The project poses two problems simultaneously complex is to build new data center and move , plan all IT systems and equipments that are dispersed to focus in the new data center. To accomplish this, SAVIS has raised all SAVIS experienced professionals who have practical and professional certificates to attend this project. SAVIS main tasks are included:
    - Survey details the current state of the physical infrastructure of new data center
    - Survey details the current status of all system components, business applications related
    - Analyze, evaluate and make plans of moving the system to ensure minimum interrupting service time
    - Design details infrastructure data center with new international standard TIA-942: electrical distribution systems, precision air conditioning systems, fire alarm systems and automatic fire – FM200, Us structured cabling, alarm monitoring systems environment ..
    - Planning the installation and connection of IT systems and equipment.s
    - Moving each IT system.
    - Configuring and integrating IT systems.
    - Training and technology transfer.
    Customer benefits:
    • Develop a new data center that are designed and planned according to international standard TIA-942.
    • IT system equipment is centralized managed for installation and opereations/
    • Ensure developing needs in the future, both in terms of physical infrastructure and infrastructure. Upgrading and expanding made easily in the near future.
    • Linking activities, sharing information, monitoring and warning process work effectively.
    • Reduced energy losses and operating costs.
    • Stability and prevention.
    Significant images:


    Packaging equipments before moving

    Moving complicated equipments


    Planning the installation of equipment in the new data center


    The structured cabling system