IT has become an integral part of every company’s landscape and in order to maximise this investment, servers, networks, PCs, printers and peripherals are required to function continuously. A well maintained enterprise ensures that user downtime is limited and staff productivity is maximised. Managing IT assets can be a resource heavy job, with on-going issues and small fixes taking away valuable time from core tasks and the need to store parts and spares locally eating into physical assets. Should IT Equipment fail it can cause untold damage to the business, as employees struggle to interact with systems to ensure business as usual. In addition, lifecycle management of distributed desktops is complex and unpredictable, and costs can escalate if not followed closely.


The base warranty of a product only protects your hardware, uplifted plans protect your business. Warranty coverage can also provide patch fixes and updates to optimize your hardware in your IT environment. Whether you need basic next business day coverage or a same day solution for critical applications and hardware, SAVIS have a warranty and installation plan to meet your needs.


Our warranty is our guarantee you’ll be better protected from unexpected, costly repairs when manufacturer warranties lapse or problems aren’t covered — ensuring a lasting return on your investments.