Unified Communications

Currently, there is a large number of communication channels, and of different types, made available to technology users. Some of these communication channels are of the “store-and-forward” type, in the sense that the information is delivered in one direction, and remains accessible (almost) indefinitely for the remote parts to view it when he has the time; e-mail is the grand-daddy of this communication style. Others, however, are more immediate, and require rapid response (often interrupting other tasks); telephony is the obvious largest contender in this category.

Each of these different communication channels typically requires its own “app” to access the information being exchanged. As the number of channels we need to give attention to increases, the harder it becomes to manage them all efficiently.


In today’s modern business environment, SAVIS delivers a comprehensive unified communications solution from a number of well-known vendors (Cisco, Polycom, etc.) that brings together all the ways your business communicates. It integrates voice, data, and applications on mobile and fixed networks, IP networks so that users have all information easily accessible, irrespective of when or where he needs access (home, work, in a car, on a train…), and how he needs access (laptop, tablet, smartphone, internet cafe…).

Our services include:

  • IPcontact Center
  • IP Phone
  • Unified messaging
  • Video communication services
  • Enabling users to communicate & collaborate in real time
  • Reduce the annual cost for communication by up to 20 to 40%
  • Making your business much more efficient
  • Bringing together vendors, technologies, applications, processes, and users