Singning Server

Organisations continue to face a variety of pressures to provide enhanced security of documents, data and transactions. They need to provide better data integrity, non-repudiation, accountability, traceability and secure audit services to aid compliance with local legislation, regional directives and internal needs.


SigningHub has been designed to meet the “gold” standard for user authentication and secure long-term digital signatures. SigningHub can verify the identity of people in your sign-off process using multiple techniques. A pluggable authentication architecture allows you to configure single or multi-factor authentication methods and use existing digital IDs from external identity providers.

Signing Server meets the EN 319 142, EN 319 132, EN 319 122 and EN 319 102 standards. It provides all of the ETSI PAdES, XAdES, CAdES digital signature trust services for a wide range of business documents, data and information workflows. It can be simply and easily integrated with ECM, CRM or ERP business applications via high speed APIs, OASIS DSS web services, Auto File Processor (Watched Folder) or even via Email. A minimum of application development or integration is required since Signing Server maintains all the management knowledge to understand how to sign, where to sign, with what keys, where these are kept, which CAs to trust how to validate certificates, etc. Thus small changes do not affect the applications.

How it works?

  • Start a new document workflow, change personal or enterprise settings and quickly access pending, in-progress, declined and completed documents.
  • Upload documents, add recipients, choose a template and set permissions
  • Prepare document(s) by adding signature, form fields and share document.
  • Review and sign documents quickly, easily and securely

We provide in-house solution, e-Signing and EAL4+ certified Ascertia solution.


No matter which country, jurisdiction, regulation or industry, speak to us about how we can help meet your electronic signing requirements.

Strong security

  • Advanced cryptographically-created electronic signing (not just e-signatures images)
  • Independently validate that signed documents have not been tampered with
  • Strong non-repudiation by using keys under the sole control of the signer
  • Multi-factor authentication before signing (OTP, smartcards, tokens, username/passwords)
  • Time-stamped enhanced signatures which can be verified in the long-term (PAdES)
  • Able to use Secure Signature Creation Devices (SSCD) and thus produce qualified signatures.

Go green with us

  • 400% Growth in paper use in 40 Years
  • 1 Tree makes ~8000 sheets
  • 4 Billion trees used every year
  • 10,000 Sheets used per year by a typical office worker

Cut cost

More than just buying the paper, also add:

  • Printing/photocopying costs
  • Delivery costs (mail, fax, courier, internal)
  • Scanning costs
  • Disposal costs