SAVIS SigningBOX – The first All-in-one Digital Signing Solution in Vietnam


  1. The growing need for a Digital Signing Solution in any business & organization
  2. Navigating the maze of Digital Signature & Signing solutions
  3. Introducing SAVIS SigningBOX – The first All-in-one Digital Signing Solution in Vietnam
  4. Experience rapid deployment & hassle-free integration
  5. One-step ahead with Server Signing, Remote Signing, Mobile Signing and Tokenless-Signing!
  6. Guarantee unparalleled Performance with Seamless User Experience
The growing need for a digital signature solution in any business & organization

As many organizations & businesses are struggling to incorporate digital signature and digitization into their workflow, the existing paperwork and its primitive management process continue to compound the challenges in improving operational efficiency. On the one hand, physical and decentralized paper documents only contribute to the uncontrollable storage & audit expenses. On the other hand, every piece of e-office software (e.g. e-accounting, e-invoice, e-HR, e-CRM, e-Workflow…) cannot reach its full potentials & legal compliance without an integration of a secure digital signature solution.

Meanwhile, electronic documents are of important output from any business or organization, representing the means to communicate, cooperate and negotiate with internal affairs or external organizations. At the same time, they reaffirm the ownership and authorship of individuals’ or organizations’ property with far greater benefits than that of paper documents. Carrying the same legality as handwritten signatures or organization’s seals, digital signatures legally bind electronic documents, solidifying the signer’s identity and its authenticity, data integrity and non-repudiation. Hence, a digital signature & signing system is the foremost foundation that businesses and organizations shall establish when such need for digitization arises. 

Navigating the maze of Digital Signature & Signing solutions

In reality, though, the choice for a suitable Digital Signature & Signing solution has never been easy.

For instance, while a Digital Signing system using USB Token could waive some upfront costs, the token itself is prone to loss, thief, incompatibility and under-deserved throughput. A specialized Digital Signing system could deliver much better performance with tailored functionalities, however, it is plagued with huge investment requirements, complex operational procedures and highly trained personnel to maintain maximum efficiency.

Combined with the fact that various low-grade Digital Signing systems on the market fail to conform with Vietnam regulations, which essentially foil the legal binding requirement of electronic documents, the choice of an affordable yet qualified Digital Signing solution for business and organization has never been a simple task.

Introducing SAVIS SigningBOX – The first All-In-One Digital Signing Solution in Vietnam

To tackle the aforementioned challenges, SAVIS Technology Group has researched and developed the definitive answer to all businesses’ and organizations’ needs: introducing SAVIS Signing BOX – the first All-in-one Digital Signing Solution in Vietnam. Within a SAVIS Signing BOX are the following best-in-class components:

  • Server hardware and Internationally-certified Hardware Security Module
  • Digital certificate management & signing software
  • SAVIS Mobile m-Sign: mobile app for strong authentication and signing on smart devices.

SAVIS Signing BOX is an affordable and optimized solution for any business or organization seeking server signing, remote signing, mobile signing capabilities with complete control over hardware, while being absolutely easy to operate and integrate with existing infrastructure.

Experience rapid deployment & hassle-free integration

SAVIS Signing BOX has the ability to perform rapid deployment thanks to its All-in-one approach, thereby minimizing hardware incompatibility and security vulnerabilities while providing absolute protection for your information systems. Being an affordable entry, SAVIS Signing BOX offers full compliance with digital signature & signing standards mandated by Vietnamese government as well as Internationally accredited organizations.

One-step ahead with Server Signing, Remote Signing, Mobile Signing and Tokenless-Signing

SAVIS Signing BOX supports the following advanced Signing functionalities:

  • Server signing, remote signing, mobile signing, and tokenless signing
  • Signing anytime, anywhere, from any mobile devices
  • Compatible with any file type or format, including but not limited to
    • Electronic invoice, electronic bill, medical/electronic healthcare records, electronic document, electronic files,…
    • Electronic contract, electronic transactions in e-banking, e-trading, e-commerce, electronic mail…
Guarantee Unparalleled Performance with Seamless User Experience
  • Support rapid deployment and instant availability thanks to the All-in-one structure
  • Enable proactive & full control over operational and managerial procedures, completely independent from any third-party
  • Deliver blazing signing performance, up to 10.000+ Transactions per second (TPS)
  • Support unlimited scalability for business growth
  • Support unlimited storage capacity for HSM Digital Certificates
  • Supports unlimited integration with Long-term preservation/permanent archive systems (e.g. SAVIS eArchive)


SAVIS Technology Group – Your expert consultant for Digital Signing and Electronic archive

The first and only organization in Vietnam capable of delivering advanced digital signing solution (AdES) with timestamping (including LTV, LTANS support) for long term preservation & validation, permanent electronic archive and electronic notarization – eNotary following EU and International certified standards. SAVIS solutions are the absolute choice for business and organizations in: Finance-Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Education, Production, FnB, Agriculture and Logistic,… 

Proud member of Fido Alliance and Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC)



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