Project “Building technical infrastructure for researching, consulting cooperative economic area and Vietnam cooperative alliance”

To improve the information capacity of cooperative economic region in period 2011 – 2015, orientation to 2020, Vietnam Cooperative Alliance needs to build network infrastructure for researching, consulting cooperative economic area and Vietnam cooperative alliance. Whereas, the current status of IT infrastructure and equipment also are having a lot of problems.

  • IT Infrastructure: lacking and weak. The central levels are not private document management system, private e-mail system, no separate servers with unique characteristics of the this industry.
  • Computers and peripherals attached: speed, quantity and quality did not meet the job requirements.
    SAVIS main tasks.
  • Develop technical infrastructure for data centers according to international standards including TIA-942: electrical distribution systems, precision air conditioning, fire alarm and automatic fire, structured cabling systems, monitoring and environmental warning, …
  • Design, plan and deploy IT infrastructure that includes network systems, security systems, server systems, storage.
  • Develop software system about electronic portal to support Vietnam Cooperative Alliance and affiliates
  • Construct management software system to manage administrative documents
    Quality of SAVIS services
  • In a short time, the problems that Vietnam Cooperative Alliance faces was restructured by SAVIS Vietnam Corp.
    100% infrastructures was provided for data centers have advanced technology features consistent with requirements of developing IT needs for Vietnam Cooperative Alliance minimum to 2015. Besides, these equipments can also be opened wide without changing the network architecture in the near future.
  • Ensure infrastructure conditions connected to 100% of the units attached to the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance.
  • Ensure safety and security for servers.
  • Ensure infrastructure in needs to operate, maintain and develop the IT systems for the servers in the future. Maintain the stable operation of the servers and enhance the life of the hardware devices.
  • Ensure the operating conditions for continuous 24/24 hours of IT systems. Setting environmental standards, safety and stability for the deployment of IT systems such as power systems, lightning protection, fire protection, access control, physical vapor system.
  • Ensure modern network infrastructure.
  • Ensure strong management system for saving time when troubleshooting problem or network expansion