OneGate System – ePublic Services

Administrative procedures in Viet Nam today are complex, lack of openness and transparency. There are many reasons for this, but mainly because:

(1) administrative procedure requires many types of documents (sometimes not really necessary), (2) to have a document in citizen’s files must contact one or more state administrative agencies to apply for, (3) The time between the application date and the receipt date is uncertain, (4) organization and citizen are not certain of the payments in accordance with state regulations when carrying out administrative procedures.


One-Gate is designed to help citizens and organizations quickly resolve administrative procedures while also follow the working process via the internet, e-mail or phone. The system provides level 3&4 public services, integrating with various outstanding functions and services. Therefore, One-Gate has potential to be an indispensable software solution for public offices in supporting of administration reform.

SAVIS One-Gate system consists of 5 main layers: IT Infrastructure, ESB, System administration, Onegate software, Interface, One-stop Kios.

  • Reduced administrative and travel costs.
  • Shorten time and effort in implementing statistical report.
  • Improving the work process of each administrative agency, between state administrative agencies together and in transactions with organizations and individuals.
  • Creating a transparent and modern administrative environment, contributing to staffs downsizing.
  • Support decision making promptly, accurately and timely, strengthen the government’s executive capacity
  • Administrative procedures are organized systematically so that users can look up information accurately and quickly.