Network Security

The threats on wired or wireless networks has significantly increased due to advancement in modern technology with growing capacity of computer networks. The overwhelming use of Internet in today’s world for various business transactions has posed challenges of information theft and other attacks on business intellectual assets.


SAVIS provides Security information and event management (SIEM) – an approach to security management that seeks to provide a holistic view of an organization’s information technology (IT) security.

The underlying principle of a SIEM system is that relevant data about an enterprise’s security is produced in multiple locations and being able to look at all the data from a single point of view makes it easier to spot trends and see patterns that are out of the ordinary.

In reality, SIEM (virtual machine) collect logs and other security-related documentation from numerous hosts within an enterprise, and then send them to Data Center of SAVIS for analysis.

  • Provide quicker identification, analysis and recovery of security events
  • Detect attacks that were not found through other means
  • Improve the efficiency of incident handling activities