Imagining that going to a marketplace or a drug store, accidentally forget to bring your physical wallets or any payment cards, except for a mobile device. Or another hypothesis, you have tons of credit and debit cards and managing the balance of those cards is quite nerve-racking for owers. Consequently, a high demand for a quick and up-to-date payment tool as a saving grace has been significantly increasing.


Mobile Wallet is an innovative service that eliminates the use of cards and encourages a higher usage of mobile phones. It is quicker and done more personally. The additional security and financial manageability provided by mobile money offers the incentive for customers to use it over cash.

  • Greater ease of use – no need to carry cards or cash
  • Reduced risk and cost of holding cash
  • Gain access to convenient and secure mobile financial services
  • Enhance end-user experience with more value-added services
  • Lower cash-distribution expenses