Mobile Banking

Clearly, the advent of online and mobile commerce has transformed how we interact with our banks. Rather than visiting a branch or ATM to deposit a check, pay a bill, or transfer money to friends or family, our mobile phones have become a virtual ATM in our hands. Rather than visiting retail stores across town, we browse from the convenience of our tablets experiencing unprecedented choice, convenience and price advantages. Consumers’ ability to access and use financial services at any time, from any location is increasingly widespread. With this comes the expectation that such services should be more convenient and secure.


SAVIS mobile app gives banks like yours easy access to our customizable, user-friendly mobile banking technology. Our mobile banking app is designed to elevate your customers’ experiences by offering the latest digital banking features, including:

  • Add notes or receipt images to transactions
  • Turn cards on or off, give cards “nicknames” to simplify card identification and add alerts to track real-time card activity
  • Send funds in real-time, and use text or email to optimize P2P payment technology
  • Make mobile deposits with instant access to check capture
  • Manage any financial alerts within the app
  • View statements on any device
  • Enhanced Account Views
  • Use the app on various devices, from tablets to smart phones

With our innovative mobile banking app, your customers can not only conduct a number of financial transactions through their mobile devices, but they will also interact more with you.