ESB – Enterprise Service Bus

Enterprise networks deploy different applications, platforms, and business processes. An essential requirement is that they need to be linked and exchanged with each other. But there is a common problem that they do not use a common data format, or a common interface. If the enterprise needs to communicate with external systems, the integration problem extends beyond the scope of the company, which embeds the different systems and business processes of the enterprise.


SAVIS ESB Framework is a comprehensive, standards-based middleware suit to build, deploy and manage integration following the concepts of service-oriented architecture (SOA). The components of the suite benefit from a single deployment and management model, end-to-end security and unified metadata management.

With simplified cloud, mobile, on-premises and Internet of Things (IoT) integration capabilities, all within a single platform, SAVIS Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Framework delivers faster time to integration; increases productivity; reduces investment costs by re-using of existing IT assets.

  • Helps businesses lower costs by allowing maximum re-use of existing IT investments and assets, regardless of the environment (OS, application server, etc.) they run in, or the technology they were built upon
  • easy-to-use, re-use focused, unified application development tooling and end-to-end lifecycle management support further reduces development and maintenance cost.