It takes time to issue paper tickets and that makes ticket issuance department become less efficient. Additionally, it may be hard to handle the number of paper tickets issued and escalate the time customers spent on queuing up for making purchases.


Our e-Ticket software integrates all your information into one system instead of relying on multiple, separate systems for data. The issued tickets are automatically captured for department records without needing to be re-entered by an administrative personnel.

It can work along with pre-printed tickets providing a complete solution for both paper and electronic worlds. The system also offers the possibility to auto-assign or book seats.


Allow non-technical users, as well as IT professionals, to modify and update content, features of a website at any time from anywhere.

Generate and scan barcodes with real time validation. Further to the provided functionalities, e-ticket is fully customizable and can be tailored to your specific needs.

The system supports the creation of various user groups / roles which can be assigned certain permissions, controlling with this way the actions to be performed.

High security both at IP and users levels, check in real time the barcodes on the printed ticket and avoid any security breaches such as double entries or tampered codes.