A study has shown that every car driver wastes on average hundreds of hours a year looking for a parking space, which account for one third of city traffic. With growing traffic volumes, finding a parking lot is even challenging if your workplace can admit the limited number of vehicles. And lot owners also run into trouble managing payments, available spot and drivers’ identity.


e-Parking – an intelligent parking solution is a fully integrated smart parking management system comprising all relevant aspects of parking operations from both the city’s and driver’s perspective. This parking management system helps optimize the use of urban parking facilities and substantially reduce the congestion caused by motorists searching for a space.


Users find the best spot available, saving time, resources and effort. The parking lot fills up efficiently and space can be utilized properly by commercial and corporate entities.

Traffic flow increases as fewer cars are required to drive around in search of an open parking space.

More automation and less manual activity saves on labor cost and resource exhaustion.

Returning users can replace daily, manual cash payments with account invoicing and application payments from their phone.

A smart parking solution will integrate the entire user experience into a unified action. Driver’s payment, spot identification, location search and time.

Parking lot employees and security guards contain real-time lot data that can help prevent parking violations and suspicious activity. License plate recognition cameras can gather pertinent footage.