Digital Preservation Management and e-Archive

For most organizations, state agencies and enterprises, digital archive is indispensable and obligatory. With the development of science and technology, archive becomes simpler.

However, organizations are still searching for an archive solution that matches with their operating model. In Vietnam, current archive systems were not in accordance with ISO standards. Meanwhile, systems in accordance with international standards such as IBM Filnet, ECM OpenText or Documetum … are expensive and hard to modify to meet specific requirement of each organization in Vietnam.


For that reason, SAVIS offers Digital Preservation Management and e-Archive solution based on the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) and in accordance with ISO 14721: 2012, recommended by national archives of the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and other developed countries. SAVIS Digital Preservation Management and e-Archive solution is built on the advanced Web-based technology, bases on Service Orientation Architecture (SOA), offers unlimited scalability as well as integration with other information system of the organization.



  • Eliminate all existing problems of paper documents
  • Convenient for report
  • Optimizing document management and exploitation
  • Share, query information anywhere
  • Enhance relationship with customers through providing accurate information
  • Reduce operational costs


  • Ensure information security
  • Provide reliable documents, materials and data for political, economic, cultural and social purposes
  • Preserve the evidence of the agency’s activities for inspection and supervision purposes
  • Contribute to protect environment