DCIM – Data Center Infrastructure Management

Today’s IT decision-makers need to be able to see, understand, manage, and optimize the myriad of complex interrelationships that drive the modern data center – one of the most complex entities on earth. They need holistic information and visibility into the entire IT infrastructure, information that that is instantly meaningful and actionable.


Data Center Infrastructure Management integrates facets of system management with building management and energy management, with a focus on IT assets and the physical infrastructure needed to support them.

DCIM tools monitor, measure, manage and/or control data center utilization and energy consumption of all IT-related equipment, such as servers, storage and network switches, and facility infrastructure components, such as Cameras, power distribution units (PDUs) and computer room air conditioners (CRACs).

Most tools permit diagrams to be printed out – a useful feature when maintenance is required or data center administrators need to install new equipment.

  • Locate, visualize, and manage all of their physical assets within an integrated “single pane” view of the entire infrastructure
  • Automate the commissioning of new equipment, reducing the need for error-prone, time-consuming manual tasks like walking the floor to confirm what can go where
  • Automate capacity planning with unparalleled forecasting capabilities, including the use of “what if” scenarios
  • Reduce energy consumption, energy costs, and carbon footprint – save the planet while you’re saving potentially millions
  • Align IT to the needs of the business – and maintain that alignment, no matter how radically those business requirements may change and grow