Data Center Relocation & De-installation

So you’ve made the decision to relocate your data center operations to a new facility. Perhaps you are moving the operations to a data center colocation facility because it was going to be too expensive to upgrade your in-house data center facility, or perhaps your organization prefers an operational expense financial model over spending capital expenditures (cash) today. Or maybe your company is simply relocating its corporate headquarters, including the computer room. Regardless, SAVIS’ data center experts can help with the workload.


SAVIS’ Relocation & De-installation Services provide comprehensive site selection, planning, project management, and implementation services for clients in need of data center or computer room migration, whether due to business changes, growth, changes in IT needs or requirements, business relocation, or other strategic business reasons. Data Center relocations are expensive and require specific expertise and experience. Therefore, we recommend completing these programs using skilled personnel who are intimately familiar with IT migrations.

SAVIS will be there every step of the way, from power down sequences to the removal of the old system. Included in our de-installation service is wrapping and packing of equipment for shipment or storage, removal of all cables and the installation of blank panels. If your next system is ready to be installed, SAVIS can also arrange for installation services at the same time your old system is removed so your customers can get back up and running as quickly as possible. In addition, SAVIS provides a variety of environmentally safe options to recover value when the equipment is removed. Whether you choose to keep the system, recycle, refurbish or return to market for reuse, SAVIS is there to help. If security is a concern, our Data Destruction services ensure a safe and secure solution to add on to your de-installation services.


SAVIS has mapped a suite of services that complement our relocation process that serves as a guideline for a successful relocation project. The goal of this service is to plan and implement data center / computer room relocations with minimal planned business operation downtime.

After the relocation, you would receive technical support from SAVIS. The warranty period last for at least 1 year from the date of acceptance and use.