Data Center Planning and Design

Imagine a scenario where you are coming under fire because your data center project is over budget and months late. Even worse, your management team pushed you to accept the architect’s idea of your computer room that today won’t even deliver the most basic needs – enough space, adequate physical security & fire protection, ample power, and sufficient cooling.


In accordance with TIA-942 standard and TCVN 9250:2012 national standard, SAVIS’ Data Center Planning & Design services serve as the initial phase in the progression of the data center project process and data center lifecycle.

SAVIS capabilities provided for a Data Center Planning & Design typically include the some of the following tasks:

  • Establish Load, Availability, and Deployment Density Design Criteria
  • Survey the Existing Conditions to Establish Facility Constraints
  • Establish Recommendations for Upgrade and/or Improvement
  • Establish a Project Cost Estimate Including All Hardware, Labor, and Professional Services
  • Establish a Preliminary Schedule to Understand the Project Timeline
  • Plan and Engineer Room, Floor, Physical Security , and Other Intrinsic Elements Using Design Approaches Necessary for Mission Critical Facilities

SAVIS translates IT equipment details directly into power, cooling, and space requirements for the facility. We have found that equipment nameplate or manufacturer specifications are insufficient in many cases and we have compiled our own techniques for such purposes. SAVIS differentiates its approach to Data Center Planning & Design by having facility engineers and IT engineers working hand in hand to develop IT power, cooling, and space requirements.

SAVIS has developed a detailed set of design standards by which your data center availability can be accurately predicted. We understand the obstacles facing uninterrupted data center operations. And we know how to design and implement the solutions to mitigate them.