Data Center Installation

Our approach offers flexibility to match your preferences thereby enabling you to present your organization and its capabilities in global scale at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to build a data center deployment service program yourself.


SAVIS’s installation services take the guesswork out of your installation program with pre-designed, on-demand installation services that can be deployed anywhere in the world. SAVIS offers two different types of installation programs to meet your needs:

Basic Hardware Installation and Advanced System Installation. Basic Hardware Installation services provide you with services to unpack, inspect, rack, cable, label, power and setup initial network connectivity in preparation for the next step of solution configuration.

Advanced System installation includes the basic hardware installation services described and additionally runs configuration steps necessary to get your solution up and running within your customer’s environment. These include console configuration, setting up administration connectivity and applications, setting up and initializing storage and installing interface adapters if necessary.


At SAVIS we make it our goal to provide high-quality, cost-effective data center deployment services and expertise that you can deliver as part of your services portfolio. Our goal is to minimize downtime and distractions for your customers and provide you with peace of mind. Our people, process and technology set us apart and help us to streamline our services while maintaining the highest quality standards. Trust our years of experience and expertise to represent you through our data center deployment services.