Accelerated File Transfer Software

As enterprises continue to rely on web-based apps to collaborate and exchange content, the need for fast transfer of files from any device is essential. However, conventional TCP file transfer technologies such as FTP dramatically reduce the data rate in response to any packet loss, and cannot maintain long-term throughputs at the capacity of high-speed links.


SAVIS Accelerated File Transfer is designed to help move digital files and data sets at maximum speed of 10 Gbps (thousands of times faster than FTP), regardless of file size, transfer distance, or network conditions, all with an exceptional level of monitoring and control. Transfers are stable, robust, and predictable, even for the largest files, most challenging networks, and greatest distances, including files that are highly concurrent and have highly loaded transfer patterns. This innovative solution can help overcome the challenges associated with quickly, reliably, and securely moving big data, large files, and large numbers of files. Main features:

  • Provide point-to- point solution
  • File transfer via UP (S), FTP (S) or HTTP (S)
  • No hardware requirement
  • Using web-based control for server and Hotfolder
  • Flexible authentication via LDAP, Active Directory, PAM or database
  • Ensure security levels such as HIPA, SOX, and GLB (used by SSL and AES encryption)
  • Monitor starting time of file transfer based on changes in file system
  • Connect and manage file
  • Compress data
  • Available for mobile
  • Help connect business value chains and enable critical business processes for organizations around the globe
  • Create new business models and drive new process efficiencies
  • Foster more collaboration among dispersed team members who need to share files of any size with enterprise-grade security and manageability