Upgrading communications network system for SBV’s informatic network

    1. Overview
    Together with the strong development and application of IT in operational activities, The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has deployed many solutions applying specialized software and network application to the entire network system of branches in provinces and cities across the country. Communication line system using Leasedline Technology to ensure stability has been carried out and upgraded through several stages.
    In 2011, to meet the actual need, SBV continued upgrading communication line system which connects Informatics Technology Department with branches and centers to a higher speed along with network equipment’s components and system monitoring software to promptly troubleshoot problems.
    With staff of experienced in implementing major projects for central bank, SAVIS was selected to deploy the project.
    2. Challenge:
    When conducting project, a big challenge was that upgrading transmission path and adding devices had to ensure that the network system was not stalled and thoroughly connected to user.
    The scope of deployment was performed on 63 State Bank branches in provinces, cities, and 3 centers in Hanoi and HCMC.
    In addition, the network monitoring administration software had to control and manage all network equipment components and connected devices in the network so as to immediately bring out error situations occurring.
    3. Our Solutions / Our Services: SAVIS’s Solutions
    With a team of managers and technical specialists having extensive experience in implementing large-scale projects, right after signing the contract, the project team of SAVIS arranged organization into groups with specific tasks and worked with investors and partners who provided transmission path to give out detailed design and plan for each deployment point.
    The groups deploying in branches worked in sync with the plan which was scheduled previously along with the main technical team at the Center (Informatics Technology Department), upgraded by route and upgraded overtime and on holidays.
    4. Key Benefits / Results: Main benefits that SAVIS bring back

    With scientific implementation, the project has been deployed on schedule, met all the requirements of the investor and received high appreciation from customers.
    Thanks to deploying project quickly and successfully, Investor can improve the speed of data transmission from branches to Center as well as increasing ability of backup communication line and timely detect and handle problems arising.