Security Services


    We can protect what matters. Together.

    Enterprise Security Services provide complete information security solutions to protect the hybrid Enterprise. Market-leading intellectual property is deployed to manage information security risk, enable actionable business intelligence and integrate your security operations. Savis’s proactive approach to information security optimizes your investment and improves your security posture enabling you to achieve better business results.

    What we offer

    Assessment, Design and Implementation Services
    Planning, design, implementation and testing for your specific security and risk management needs

    Data Security Services
    More robust protection of sensitive corporate data with a risk-balanced strategy and leading data protection technologies

    Application Security Services
    Better security & optimization of your business-critical application

    Identity and Access Management Services
    Verification of identity and help in managing and protecting your systems, applications and data from unauthorized access

    IT and Infrastructure Network Security Services
    Greater identification of IT security threats and risks across your infrastructure and protection of your networks from Internet threats