Network Integration Services


    Make networks work for your business
    In today’s dynamic environment, businesses rely on communication networks as a key element of success. While applications or devices may be the focus of a new IT initiative, your network is the vehicle by which your customers and employees are able to take advantage of new functions. Your network also enables collection of real-time data from applications—and increasingly, from sensors—that you depend on to make decisions about your business. Now, more than ever, your network must be high performance, continuously available and secure in order to achieve your business objectives.
    Network integration services from Savis can help you create a network that enables your IT infrastructure to adapt to rapidly changing business needs and emerging technologies. These services—planning, design, deployment and ongoing monitoring and management—help you provide the ubiquitous access to applications and data necessary to meet today’s business requirements.

    Supports new business models with flexible networks that can rapidly respond to change
    Enables you to support an increasing amount and variety of users, devices and networks
    Helps you avoid network-related issues with critical business processes
    We use a vendor-neutral, consultative approach to help you navigate the available options and deliver a network that contributes optimally to meeting your business goals. Our skilled professionals are focused on helping you to smooth transitions and improve service delivery. By using an approach that facilitates collaboration between your business units and IT and networking organizations, Savis can help you derive more business value from your network.
    What we offer

    Network integration services for campus and local area networks
    Design, integration, deployment, and management services designed to enhance the effectiveness of your campus and local area networking infrastructure.

    Network integration services for data center networks – consolidation and virtualization
    Optimize your data center network for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities
    Network integration services for data center networks – data and storage network convergence
    Cut costs by reducing duplicate infrastructure

    Network integration services for data center networks – private optical networking
    Protect the availability of your most critical business asset-your data

    Network integration services for the data center network
    Flexible and resilient data center network infrastructure from Savis helps you respond to dynamic business demands.

    Network integration services for wide area networks – application and network performance optimization
    Improve the performance of your applications and networks delivered across a WAN