IT and Network Infrastructure Security Services


    Identification of network and infrastructure vulnerabilities is a vital part of an organization’s vulnerability management program. Savis’s comprehensive approach to network security covers all the key aspects of network-based assessments. We look for all the commonly known vulnerabilities as well as newly discovered ones. Where appropriate, we use multiple market-leading software tools, combined with expert manual testing by our consultants to verify the findings and eliminate false positives.

    All of the data collected is consolidated and analyzed , the entire process of information gathering, scanning, and reporting is coordinated by our project management office. Savis’s reports provide actionable recommendations for improving your security posture and complying with relevant standards

    What we offer

    Deployment and migration services
    Providing rapid, cost-effective deployment of Savis Security solutions

    Emergency response services
    Leverage experienced and certified consultants to help manage and respond to security incidents

    Information security assessment
    Assessing the state of security to create a roadmap to reduced risk

    Managed protection services
    Managed protection services for your networks, servers and desktops

    Penetration testing services
    Securing online assets and supporting regulatory compliance by exposing the vulnerabilities on the network